Therapy for adults, couples and young people:

Trauma, Grief, Relationships, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse issues, Self Esteem, Family Violence.

I retain a firm hope and belief in people’s capacity to create change.


Although trained in various modalities, my therapy is based on a humanistic person-centred approach, which encompasses your psychological, emotional and physical well-being. What this means is that I will help you to discover and nurture the ability within yourself to solve the problems you face.

The key elements of this approach are congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard. This means that I will be accepting of you completely, in a non-judgmental way, as the person you are – with frailties, weaknesses, strengths and positive qualities. I will work alongside you throughout your sessions.

Taking the first step… arranging an initial meeting.

After making contact, we will arrange to meet at my offices.
Confidentiality is incredibly important. I am sensitive to this, especially in smaller towns. This will be discussed in more depth when we meet.

I will Sit & Listen. During the first session, I will reflect on what I have heard, and we will talk through a plan of sessions. We will have a discussion around issues of concern.  Fees will be discussed upfront, at our first point of contact.